Meadows is the best choice for House District 74


October 6, 2013

On Tuesday, Republican voters in House District 74 will choose among three candidates vying to replace former Rep. Jay Love, who resigned earlier this year. Of the three, Charlotte Meadows stands out as the most well informed and insightful candidate. The Advertiser recommends her election.

Meadows served admirably as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Education for six years ending in 2012 and spent part of that time as president. On a board not noted for sharp decision-making or deep understanding, she was a consistently perceptive member who repeatedly demonstrated her commitment to the students of Montgomery Public Schools.

We are confident she will bring the same clear-eyed, calm and sensible approach to the House of Representatives, which could use a healthy dose of that.

Budgetary issues are always critical in the House, where all revenue and spending bills must originate. Meadows is well equipped by experience to deal with fiscal matters, both from having addressed tough public issues such as proration and school closings and from facing the private-sector challenges of managing a medical practice.

The latter has given her a broad knowledge of Alabama’s Medicaid system, which consumes a large share of the General Fund budget. Those insights will be valuable in looking at ways to improve the providing of health care to lower-income Alabamians.

To a markedly greater extent than her opponents, Meadows demonstrates a real grasp of public policy issues and better advance preparation for the job of a legislator. She already speaks knowledgeably on these subjects, so we would expect a far shorter learning curve for her if she is elected. Rather than vague talk about looking into budgets or other issues once elected, she discusses them now with clarity and well-defined views.

Her opponents are school board member Heather Sellers and County Commissioner Dimitri Polizos. Sellers is certainly enthusiastic, but too often substitutes canned political rhetoric for actual, on-point answers to questions. Polizos has been a competent commissioner, but clearly has not made the sort of broad examination of the fundamentals of the House position one would expect.

Meadows is by far the best candidate in this race, and the Advertiser earnestly recommends her to the voters of District 74.

Charlotte Meadows Endorsed by David Keene


Dear Charlotte,

While serving as President of the National Rifle Association (NRA) and President of the American Conservative Union (ACU) I have had the honor of serving on the front lines for two organizations wholly committed to advancing the conservative agenda and protecting our constitutional rights. One of my most important responsibilities was to endorse candidates for federal and state offices that I believed would advance conservative and constitutional causes.

Just last week, the Obama administration signed the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) squarely in opposition to our second amendment rights. It is an important reminder that our constitutional rights are under attack and we need patriots such as you to help safeguard our freedoms.

After first reviewing your record as a fiscal conservative and experience as a small business owner, I dug deeper for firsthand accounts of your commitment to the principle of limited, constitutional government. My research has convinced me that you are the best candidate for District 74 and someone who the voters of Montgomery can trust to support liberty, personal responsibility, the pro-life agenda, and traditional values in the Alabama House of Representatives.

Because of your dedication to our shared conservative principles and your commitment to protecting the 2nd amendment, I am proud to endorse your candidacy for the Alabama House of Representatives.

I’ll leave you with this thought and encouragement from my address to CPAC 2013 last weekend: If we stick to principle, if we remember what it is we are about and what it is we want to accomplish, and if we organize around those principles and stand for them, people will stand with us.

I wish you success in your campaign.


David Keene

Meadows Campaign Announces Montgomery Educators for Charlotte Meadows


Montgomery - “Since launching this campaign, I have been blown away by the number of current and retired educators who have reached out to express their support. We’ve had teachers, principals, support staff, and administrators call to say that they are behind us,” announced Meadows. “Some of the teachers I’ve known for years, others joined because they appreciated the way I stood up for them as president of the school board.”

“I spent six years fighting for the students and teachers in the Montgomery County School System, even when it wasn’t popular - and I’ve got the scars to prove it,” stated Meadows. “Today, we are proud to announce Montgomery Educators for Charlotte Meadows, our grassroots network of teachers and other educators who are supporting this campaign to improve education,” said Meadows. “Several teachers initially approached me and asked what can they could do to help with the campaign, and it has just grown from there.”

“Along with economic development, improving education is my number one priority. The two go hand in hand. If we can improve our public school system, we’ll be able to attract more businesses to our area and therefore more jobs. A quality education system will be the engine that drives our economic growth and reduces crime. We need to give our teachers and students the resources and tools to be successful and pursue policies that reduce dropout rates and help us to attract and retain the best teachers. At the state level, we can make our education system more effective and more efficient while training students to compete in the twenty-first century.”

Montgomery Educators for Charlotte Meadows

August 2013

As an educator in Montgomery, I have seen firsthand the intersection of education and public policy. I understand the role that the state legislature, local school board, and other public officials play in shaping education and the future of our students.

I have also seen firsthand the dedication and passion that Charlotte Meadows has for our students and for our education system. I closely followed her time as a member of the Montgomery County Board of Education, particularly her time as president of the school board. Charlotte proved time and again that she has the integrity and character to serve the public as an elected official, while at the same time maintaining a servant’s heart.

During Charlotte’s time on the school board she showed a strong work ethic and determination to do the right thing. She had a real sense of fairness that helped her deal with all sides of any issue. I was impressed by her tenacity and commitment to do what was best for both our teachers and students. Her grace under pressure was demonstrated again and again on the school board and will serve her well in the Alabama House of Representatives.

I understand that the success of our families, our communities, and our state rest in large part on the quality of our education system. That is why I am wholeheartedly supporting Charlotte Meadows for State House District 74 and ask that you join me. Montgomery’s students will have no stronger voice for them than Charlotte Meadows.

Charlotte Meadows Qualifies with Republican Party for House District 74 Special Election


Meadows Denounces SDE Efforts to Engage in Private School Taxation


August 12, 2013

Birmingham – Education advocate and small business owner Charlotte Meadows officially qualified today with the Alabama Republican Party for the upcoming special election for House District 74.

“I am running because I believe in economic freedom, limited government, and conservative values. I believe Alabama’s public education system should be better and it’s my goal to help improve it. There is no better engine for economic development and recruiting jobs than a quality, local education system,” said Meadows.

The Meadows campaign also released the following statement in regards to recent proposals by the SBE to regulate private schools:

“I strongly support Senator Dick Brewbaker’s efforts to prevent the state Board of Education from requiring private and home schools to become licensed in order to continue serving students. Common sense says that the Department of Education should be more focused on improving the 70+ failing schools in the state than on private schools or home school families,” Meadows stated. “Many of these families are working diligently, some working two or more jobs, to provide an alternative education for their children because they specifically don’t want the government involved in their kid’s school. The problem with government becoming even peripherally involved in private schools is that you begin down a slippery slope that doesn’t end with just a license; next it will be curriculum and textbooks. Allowing the state superintendent to tax private schools will raise costs for private school parents. This erosion of freedom cannot be tolerated.”

Former Montgomery BOE president Meadows to run for Alabama House


Former Montgomery BOE president Meadows to run for Alabama House

Written by Sebastian Kitchen
Jul. 17, 2013

Charlotte Meadows, believing she has a unique perspective on education and other issues, said she is running in a special election for the Alabama House of Representatives to continue her effort to transform education in the state.

She pointed out she is a parent of three and a former member of the Montgomery County Board of Education. She currently is an education reform advocate, working as state outreach manager for StudentsFirst, the education reform advocacy and lobbying organization founded by former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee.

Current Democratic state Rep. Joe Hubbard, who was drawn out of his own district when lines were redrawn for the 2014 election, said Wednesday he is considering a run in the special election for District 74. He plans to run for the district in the 2014 general election.

Hubbard purchased a house in the redrawn District 74 that is also in his current district — not the current District 74. He argued the redistricting plan was written with language that said that those new lines would be for use in the 2014 and 2018 elections, arguing the new lines would be used if the special election is next year.

Hubbard said he would ensure the people of his current district, 73, and those of District 74 had a voice at the State House and someone who was responsive to them.

The District 74 seat will become vacant Aug. 1 with the resignation of Republican state Rep. Jay Love, who is leaving with more than a year left in his term. Love said he is leaving to “promote education reforms” and “pursue various business opportunities.”

Gov. Robert Bentley has not set a date, but said he would call the special election as soon as legally possible.

District 74 includes portions of east and central Montgomery.

If she was elected, Meadows said her goal would be to continue to improve the state, especially in the “education realm.”

Meadows, a Republican who served as president of the Montgomery County Board of Education from 2010 to 2012, already is working at the State House for StudentsFirst.

With her expertise and experience in education, Meadows said she would work with the State Department of Education and state schools Superintendent Tommy Bice “to further their goals for improving education.”

She also said she feels strongly that education is key to economic development, with a better-educated population driving the tax base and improving the economy.

Meadows also believes she would offer a unique perspective in other areas — business, budgeting and medicine.

She said that she helped her husband, Dr. Allen Meadows, who operates the Alabama Allergy & Asthma Clinic, start his practice and manage the business for 20 years. She added that she has a grassroots understanding of medical issues and a perspective on medical issues that need to be addressed as it pertains to state budgets.

Meadows said, during her one term on the school board from December 2006 to November 2012, she had a track record of being transparent and responsive to constituents. She said the “public has a right to know.”

“I am very transparent to the people I serve in terms of what I am doing and why,” Meadows said.

Montgomery County Commissioner Dimitri Polizos, who also owns a restaurant in the city, also has announced that he is running for the seat. Current Montgomery County Board of Education member Heather Sellers said she is seriously considering the race. Polizos and Sellers are Republicans.



Election Day

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